Sunday, May 04, 2008

Happy Bloomsday!

Bloomsday 2008 Finish Line

My daughter ran the 12km Bloomsday Race in Spokane Washington today - 1hr and 21 mins! Her overall place was 10,401 out of 42,697 people, running at a pace of 10:55 per mile (avg pace for 12 yr olds was 15:44). I am tremendously proud of her and can't wait to congratulate her in person when she gets home.

Watching the race starts on TV this morning was very exciting but nothing can top her call after the race to tell me that she had finished! She's even excited and ready to go for next year! Go Raven!


Anonymous said...

Great job Raven!

Grandpa Campbell said...

Way to go Raven.

Duncan said...

Awesome run Raven! Congratulations!

Allie said...

Indeed - AMAZING especially for her first time! :)