Thursday, July 26, 2007

The night I was obviously not meant to sleep through...

My various awakenings today started innocently enough - needing to go to the bathroom. While doing so (in the dark, attempting not to wake myself up) I knocked a glass into the sink and broke it. Despite the noise no one stirred. I went back to bed only to wake up again positive that I had heard the phone ring, which is never a good thing in the middle of the night. With that feeling of dread one gets when they are expecting bad news, I get up long enough to assure myself that it was just a dream. However, the anxiety does not go away.

The next time I wake up it is more insiduous - my eyes wide open, I am still, breathing, listening, not sure what has woken me up, but positive that something is wrong. Then, the sound of metal crunching on the road. I turn to look out the window in time to see a man picking himself up off the road - and his motorbike laying on it's side in the middle of it. I think maybe he has just fallen off until I see the car and decide they have obviously collided. I watch - have to watch - with some amount of concern as the man insists on walking (he's obviously hurt his hip but he otherwise seems fine). After they exchange info the driver leaves - heightening my concern as I watch the man pick up his bike and push it down the road, hobbling beside it as he struggles with its weight. I wonder at his tenacity - turns out he only lives a block down from me and I assume he just wants to get home, something I can appreciate. I decide I don't like the road in front of my house very much (our rental car was destroyed just last month in the same place this guy came off his bike).

With the sky lightening as the sun approaches I debate going back to sleep once again or waking my still-sleeping-like-a-baby husband when I see a flash of white-ish cat running along on the other side of the street. My brain awakens even more with the recognition of a cat my husband would be very worried to know is off gallavanting in the dark, so I get dressed and go outside to confront and retrieve one awfully guilty-looking cat.

Now, with just an hour to go before the alarm rings, I am doubtful of any chance of getting any more sleep on this very odd night. I guess it's time for coffee!


Duncan said...

Why wasn't I awake???

Allie said...

Mostly, I suppose, because I took pity on your beautiful sleeping form. i did consider waking you up, but you sleep through everything - I didn't want to disrupt your record :-)