Friday, July 06, 2007

Dangerously Hot!

The famed Las Vegas sign

Our second trip to Vegas was as delightful as our first visit... and certainly re-affirmed it as one of our favourite places on earth to go. Never more than 6 feet apart from each other, it was a great time to re-connect with Duncan (especially since I was so completely distracted for the past 2.5 weeks working on a Nomination Campaign).

Phantom is playing at the Venetian

The main reason for this trip to Las Vegas was Phantom of the Opera - Duncan's gift to me for our third wedding anniversary. It also gave me the opportunity to return the thought with a video ipod for him - which considering how high our dollar is right now was a steal. We also partook again in Jubillee, which is in it's 25th year of production this year and was just as fabulous as ever. We also made sure we saw TRANSFORMERS on it's opening day - and we were not disappointed!

Allie and Duncan at the Hoover Dam

We took a morning to travel 45 minutes into the desert to stand on (and in) the Hoover Dam - which in itself is a dam impressive structure, ensuring that we had a dam good time (dam, the jokes just don't get old). We did fly over the Hoover Dam on our way to the Grand Canyon last year, but seeing it up close is something else - especially when you peer over the edge for the very first time.

View from the Stratosphere of the Strip

I think I can now confirm that the Paris Buffet is my favourite place on earth to eat (and eat...) but we did have a perfect dining experience in the revolving restaurant in the Stratosphere Tower (I heart revolving restaurants). We dined on more than our fair share of succulent Chateaubriand, which was preceeded by the best Lobster Bisque I've ever had and finished with a chocolate desert shaped like the Stratosphere. Whatever shape chocolate comes in is the perfect shape for me!

Bellagio Watershow - with Rainbow

I was continously delighted by the Bellagio watershow, day and night we were able to observe it many times and never the same show twice. I love the Bellagio, it's a gorgeous casino and hotel, and even though it's newer it's usually what I think of when I think Las Vegas. Perhaps I can thank Danny Ocean for that.

Dolphin kindly posing for a picture

We finished our last afternoon in Las Vegas exploring the Mirage - a casino we largely missed on our last trip - and enjoyed seeing the new baby dolphin and the various large cats (who were mostly just trying their best to sleep through the heat). We then proceeded back to our hotel for one last meal at the Hooters - a place I am sure we will be back to even if we never stay at the Hooters Hotel again!

Duncan and Hooters Girl

Viva Las Vegas!


Beatrice said...

I was waiting for the requisite Hooters photo of Duncan, and there it was. :) It sounds like you guys had a great time. Paris was my favourite buffet too. Brett and I want to go back to Vegas, but we have so many places we want to visit on our list right now, it might be a while yet.

Allie said...

The Phantom was amazing at the Venetian theatre, and we were sitting in the perfect spot as well. They did add a bit to the original performance, which I found interesting. I am sure it will be there for a while!