Wednesday, July 04, 2007

In Vegas for July 4th Celebrations!

July 4th Decor at the Bellagio

With the lure of Las Vegas strong in our hearts it was just a matter of time before we returned and - as I write this - we are day four into a five day return trip... a trip that has been fabulous, as it should be, and very, very HOT. I rationally know that the desert in July should be hot - but I mean, it's hot even for Vegas standards - about 46 degrees Celsius (about 116 Fahrenheit)! I don't really know how to describe how hot it feels - but lets say it's like being in an oven - the heat comes from the ground as well as above and the sweat literally evaporates before it reaches your skin. According to the Las Vegas News there have been just four days on record when the mercury has climbed to 116 degrees or higher, with the all-time local record being 117 degrees Fahrenheit. Baby, it's hot here!

We have loads of pictures to post when we return, and until then I will mention a few highlights of the trip so far: Phantom of the Opera (was brilliant), Jubilee (was perfect as always), Rollercoaster at NYNY (a unique way to see the strip), the Hoover Dam (was dam impressive), Hooters pool side bar (was too long in the sun for my poor, red, Duncan) and TRANSFORMERS (which was awesome - especially after just standing on the Hoover Dam).

Tonight we are heading to Freemont Street and then up the Stratosphere revolving restaurant - Top of the World - to watch July 4th fireworks and celebrate our wedding anniversary.

Happy 4th of July, Las Vegas!

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