Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Life in the Blog Lane

Cars and trucks are driving up and down my street honking - Edmonton is happy to be sitting one win away from the Stanley Cup finals. It's neat being here in Edmonton as the Oilers head into the Cup Finals. I must admit I am starting to get wrapped up in it, like a warm blanket the excitement is soothing - and the words Go Oilers Go don't seem so hard to say at all. I had a feeling it would be the Oilers and Buffalo fighting for the Stanley Cup (we'll see). I enjoyed Calgary in 2004 (my heart will always be with the Flames) and now I am looking forward to Edmonton in 2006.

Life has otherwise been busy - family life is seemingly returning to normal but work life (as always is on the campaign trial) is steadily picking up pace. For these, and many other reasons, I have been neglecting the blog... I apologize. One of my obsessions lately has been my Flickr page, it's been occupying my attention quite well, what with comments, new contacts and groups (I run a group now) and organizing the latest vacation pictures into sets and pools, it takes up alot more time then I originally thought. I have been inspired (photography has long been a hobby of mine) to become more creative with my pictures so look out for more on the way. I've got to do something in my spare time don't I?

I will try to come back to the blog soon.

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