Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day to Me...

I really can't have been half as bad a child as my mother likes to recall, and I like to think that it's my Mother's active imagination that provides so much colour to the stories she delights in telling about me - surely they must be embellished at least slightly for effect!

The story I hear most often is the story of my birth. You see, after what I "put my mother through" (DAYS of labour, apparently) she wants me to really appreciate the extra efforts she took not to leave me (screaming and stamping my feet) on a roadside somewhere in the remote interior of British Columbia ("No one would have blamed me" I can still hear her say).

All kidding aside, I will acknowledge that I probably was a pain in the ass to raise - as an independant thinker who always felt I could take care of myself; a risk taker with little worry for my mortality; a spontaneous spirit with no real sense of time relevance; a brave soul that would have me stand up to anyone; an enjoyment of fun (especially the malicious kind) and the fact that I sufferred EVERY distraction I came upon (can we say ADHD?) - I really was a going concern. The things I remember doing as a child pale my heart now when I try to imagine my own children in similiar situations... sometimes it's a wonder I survived at all (or a testament to my tenacity). And discipline was not something that registered easily with me, so after all actions and threats had been exhausted my mother liked to resort to cursing me with her favoured "I hope you have children JUST LIKE YOU!"

I have wonderful children - amazing in all ways. They are mature, precocious, intelligent, academically succesful, friendly and popular, self disciplined, philanthropic caring individuals who utilize a self actualized goals process and exhibit a tremendous amount of adability in their day to day worlds. They are perfect and yet they also manage to be children as well. They bring me joy - even on the hard days!

Obviously my Mother's curse worked... because I am perfect in everyway!

Happy Mother's Day, Mom. Thanks for everything you did and still do.

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