Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Blog Catch Up - Would you like Fries with that?

First I will sheepishly apologize to my Blog as the many things that have kept my attention this past little while have also kept me away from it. Of course I have relevant excuses, but they are just that - excuses. I will now try to make up for it.

We had Ed Stelmach for Dinner last week

My political worlds continue their mad crash into each other; My (now) full time campaign job seems often to overlap with my Constituency and Party obligations (hosting my Leadership Dinner Series, recruiting leadership neutral people for the Meadowlark Polling Stations, attending party meetings and of course preparing for nomination and the next election) and leaves me artfully changing hats in mid stream - this really is an exciting time to be involved in politics in our province and despite all of it I am happy I have the opportunity to participate! And I will add that every time I hear my candidate speak I know with even more conviction that I am supporting the right guy for the future Alberta I imagine and want.

Go Oiler's GO!

Living in Edmonton right now is also interesting in it's own right - The Oilers are heading into the Stanley Cup Finals and the entire city literally buzzes with it's collective excitement (excepting some miscreants on Whyte Ave) - and I have even begun to cheer happily for the Oilers. They carry my hopes and Stanley Cup Dreams into this next series and I am dreaming some big dreams! In addition, anyone who doubts the hearts and spirits of Canadians everywhere should listen to this. My heart swells everytime I play it. Oh Canada indeed!

True Blue Edmontonians

See, the world really does revolve around me!

Duncan and I found such an amazing fare (well, actually, our wonderful travel agent found it after about three months of looking) for our upcoming Anniversary trip that Quynn decided to come along as well - so all three of us will be heading to Washington, DC at the end of June to visit with the Smiths and celebrate our second wedding anniversary. There are many activities that are being planned but I think what I want to say about it right now is that it feels very right to be celebrating this occasion with Murray, Barb and Quynn. Plus our dollar has never been worth more in Duncan's entire life - now is certainly the time to visit the USA!

The first meal on Duncan's new BBQ

I recently used my raise to buy Duncan a BBQ... it was quite the process - BBQ Shopping - and after a few different trips and a many different stores finally the perfect BBQ was selected (it even has a side burner!) and I am happy to say that since the BBQ has been constructed I have not had to cook anything! YAY for BBQ!

My recent spoiling of Duncan may have contributed to his recent spate of romantic attention towards me; he bought me roses out of the blue, he purchased me a computer game so that I could play online with him (I must admit, even though I don't get a lot of time to play, I am enjoying it immensely!) and then this email appeared in my inbox the other day:

> Dear Allie,
> You are gorgeous and divine. I love you. Thank you for being my loving wife
> Love,
> Duncan

Pssst... You're Welcome!

Duncan makes some very good Martinis

In my "spare time" I have been having fun with my camera, with LOST (just finished reading the Bad Twin), with Guild Wars, with West Wing (too bad it's over now) and planting my vegetable garden. In other news Duncan and I have been busy discussing preparations for the addition of a family member (that's my coy way of saying "baby" without causing too much fanfare) in the next couple of years and the purchase of a new vehicle (which is becoming a neccessity but I have mixed emotions about). Wesley and Raven are very much looking forward to the end of school and the beginning of summer vacation and I am happy to just enjoy life as it comes these days, even if it is busy - it makes the down time all that more precious. Hopefully in the near future my downtime will include X-Men III, DaVinci Code, Flight93, V for Vendetta and whatever else time has conspired to make me miss (...don't get your panties in a bunch).


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