Friday, January 06, 2006

Thunder in my Belly, and the Thunder rolls...

I am sitting here drinking my cup of tea (listening to the gases move through my digestive tract realizing that the sound oddly resembles the sound of rolling thunder) witnessing the delightfully erratic behaviour of our cat (who was fed an overly large amount of cat nip just a while ago, the effects of which seem to have now kicked in) and enjoying the clean crisp air from the open window (a rarity for an Albertan January, but the temperatures have been mild so far this winter) while I ponder those certain connections in life that appear happenstance (my pondering aided of course by having just finished watching Season One of LOST) but seem to illustrate our story much more richly if we notice them.

So, in other news, there's nothing like a good stomach Flu to start off a new year - and according to the trusty bathroom scale I've shed about 12 pounds over these past four days, good news coming so close after the binging of the holiday season but not exactly easy on ones body (I'm really not getting any younger here!). It is, however, a good complement to my new three month long Doctor imposed NO Cholesterol diet (ever tried to eat a no cholesterol diet?) that will endeavour to determine if my high cholesterol levels of the past year are self inflicted through diet, or self inflicted by the over generousity of my own liver. Right now I'm not sure which to hope for (if any).

As far as world news goes, I have been watching if only peripherally - we did watch Team Canada win gold at the World Juniors (YAY CANADA!) and I have been keeping a vigil of sorts for Mr. Sharon - but all I have to say about that right now is could Pat Robertson be anymore of a DICK? He's really on a role with his insanity these past few months - where is a good Yahweh style Smiting when you need one?


Will said...

... =( Hope you're feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY!
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