Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I Poke Badgers with Spoons


Yep. It's that time... again. Man, I feel like a woman.

Earlier today I was excited to see that a U of A Gateway article was linked in FARK, but it's farked now (crashed from the sheer strain of too many visitor's) and who know's when it will be back up... but for the curious here are the most interesting parts:

Best of the Campus Crime Beat by Amanda Ash

Get A Room!
Around 4pm on 21 February, members of Campus 5-0 were shocked to stumble upon a female student giving a handjob to her male peer on the couches in the Central Academic Building. The couple, who were getting sexy near the Tim Hortons, were given stern warnings and told to seek a more suitable venue.

Topless Brigade
At 1am on 24 February, student auxiliary officers on patrol in HUB Mall observed a group of females running topless down the hall. Once stopped, the topless ladies were identified as students and told to return to their HUB suites immediately.

Ahhh, our moment of fame. I don't remember the Campus Crime Beat being so much fun when I used to write it...

Maybe I am just feeling catty today due to my "condition", but go see the new negative Liberal ads if you haven't already - Choose Your Canada: Washington Times - I must say that a potenitially cozy relationship with the Bush Administration is one of the things that bothers me the most about a potential Harper Majority Government. I want a strong Canadian Prime Minister, not a "Bush-Lite" version. If Mr Harper is to be our PM, let him be OUR PM.

Today's post ends with a quote from a famous man who turns 100 years old today:

"I had wonderful visions"
- Albert Hofmann

Can anyone guess what Dr. Hofmann invented?


michele said...

"Bush-lite" that's just scary having seen close-up what living under the original is like.

Anonymous said...

I really wish that the Conservative Party had a different leader...

Will said...

I must say, this is a rather great post. The badger... Bush-lite... Good stuff.

Allie said...

Hofmann invented LSD, if anyone is actually here looking for the answer.

For the other answer you are looking for: 42.