Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Dance Martin Dance!

With due respect to his office, I think my Prime Minister is losing it, and in more ways than one.

This campaign has had a few surprises, but I was offended by his out of the blue pledge to rescind the federal governments ability to use the not withstanding clause. I mean - HE MADE THAT UP. On the spot. He just made it up (I've got news for him - Canadians don’t want to open a constitutional debate).

Were his political instincts always so poor?

And then consider the incompetence. The arrogance. AdScam. Gomery. Scandal after scandal. A general lack of credibilty. The scare tactics and dire warnings of "Harper's hidden agenda." Poor campaign strategy, questionable motivations and desperate out of control spin.

He doesn't deserve my vote, his party doesn't deserve to be returned to govern us. If someone wants my vote they need to earn it.

Actually, the best thing that could happen (both for Canadian Politics and for Martin's Liberals) is for the Liberal Party to lose bad.

"People in this country are tired of being played by Paul Martin's Liberals."
- Jack Layton

"Canadians are tired of slurs, scandals and spin."
- Stephen Harper

"Let's just vote and get this over with, I say. Martin's self-immolation is getting hard to watch."
- Warren Kinsella


Duncan said...

For the record, I disagree with Warren Kinsella. Watching Martin's immolation is actually proving to be quite easy. Possibly even addicting.

Allie said...


I don't disagree with you - It's entertaining yes, for sure it is. It's also very interesting - fascinating even - especially from a political observation point of view.

But I have mixed emotions.

It's also Pathetic. It's unbecoming of a Prime Minister. It's embarrassing. It's like the train wreck - you don't want to watch any more (cause you know whats going to happen and the situation is desperate) but you can't help yourself!