Monday, October 24, 2005


My life has been crazy this past little while, both busy and exciting with just a touch of stressy, so it was nice to spend this weekend snuggled up with Duncan. Wes and Raven were down in Calgary meaning we had the weekend to ourselves! Weeee!

So... we hung out in our PJ's, finished our week long CIV III game, played Star Wars Mini's and watched West Wing the whole time, with the exception of my new job stealing me away for a Saturday afternoon of strategy planning.

As a result of said new job I am dropping down to part time at the University for an indefinite amount of time, which means I am back to having two jobs, something I haven't done for quite a while. Time will tell how it all works out, but I am looking forward to the challenges and opportunities ahead of me. Well all of them except the medical tests and Doctor's visits...

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