Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Enjoying it while we can

The weather here in Edmonton has been absolutly fabulous as of late. Somewhat unusual, it's been warm, even into the night, and sunny all day long with no need for winter jackets. Duncan and I, who have had a couple days off work, have spent the better part of our time outside walking, and enjoying the fall. Winter might be just around the corner, but it's not here... yet.

Environment Canada says the beautiful fall weather will stave off the chill of winter for at least another 10 days. Next week is sopposed to be even nicer than this week, and I am very excited!

As if to prove the very tenacity of life itself, one of the plants in my garden has decided to celebrate the unseasonally warm weather by blooming again. I think we shall have to reward it by having a cooler outside in the sunshine.

Oh, and on an unrelated note, my bookclub is gearing up to begin it's first book this Thursday. I am very pleased!

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rea said...


I thought you might want to calculate your kids' possible future height - apparently these guys in SASK have a formula for it!