Wednesday, October 05, 2005

"Saw you the weird sisters?"

"The issue is who used [the name] first."
- Statement by the bands lawyer

Oh. Really?

In 1988 (a full TWO YEARS before this "band" formed) Terry Pratchett wrote a book called "The Wyrd Sisters." In 1996 it was released for home video, and it has been performed as a play.

In 1605 ( a full THREE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY YEARS before this "band" formed) William Shakespeare wrote a play called MacBeth. It’s been playing ever since.

So who stole who’s name?

The "band" is complaining that they’ve "had to cancel tours and delay the release of our new album. All of this is because we're not sure if we can continue under our name any more." WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? Who do they think they are? I never heard of them before this obviously desperate attempt to grab some fame and fortune.

Evanesco Wyrd Sisters!

Hmmmm. Did it work?


Beatrice said...

I had the same thought as you when I read about this. The term "Wyrd Sisters" was neither invented by this band nor J.K. Rowling. You mentioned some of the things I thought of in your post. I'll also add that the term "Wyrd Sisters" is also a very old name for the mythological three Fates. And the modern English word "weird" has its origins in the OId English word "wyrd." I agree with you that it seems like a publicity stunt; I'd never heard of this band before they made a big fuss over their name.

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