Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Jedi Wisdom

Sometimes I search endlessly for the right words to describe the experience of how Duncan came into my awareness, and into my world. The scope of my language is often ill equipped to render such experiences with any justice at all, and often my own understanding of it is distant - the beginning of a world with Duncan and Allie together borders on the mystical and mysterious, a realm known best by the heart and spirit... and then other times I stumble unwittingly across words that speak to me of that time in much more a powerful way than they ever intended. In Duncan's new X-Box game, Knights of the Old Republic II, the Jedi Assasin Visas says this:

I felt you. Heard you, through the force. It was like a sound at the edge of hearing. And when I heard it, I found I could not ignore it.

- Visas (KOTOR II)

Describes it, that about does.

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