Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Curious tries to stir the shit

"Curious" left me this annonymous (read cowardly) comment in one of my posts today:

Don't you find it a little bizarre to be married to someone who spent the whole election campaigning AGAINST the party you worked for? I think students in CAUS would be appalled to know their director is married to someone who campaigned for the PCs.

It's not bizarre at all, "Curious" (whom I suspect is either a loser NDP, CAUS "has been" or the "lovely" but bitter Ex-Wife).

Duncan is very good at doing his job and that's why he was hired over all other people who applied (and it was very competitive). Actually, thanks for pointing it out, because he did an AWESOME job and he deserves some recognition.

He made, for THE FIRST TIME EVER, PSE an election issue. He did that. No other people involved in CAUS have ever been able to do that. No one in any student movement in the province has ever achieved that. It was made such an issue that people actually voted with PSE in mind (for example, see three PSE ridings in Calgary as Liberal instead of PC). PSE was in people's top three issues during this election throughout the province. I'd say that was a spectacular victory for CAUS and the student's that are represented by them. I am very proud of him. I applaud him. I think he deserves a raise for the job he did. AND he did it while maintaining a respectable relationship with the powers that be so that he may return to representing the needs of students after an election, something not all student politicians are able to do. A very fine balancing act indeed.

As a PSE student myself (with loans and two children who will attend university in the next ten years) I would have to admit that the elevation of PSE in the collective voters mind can only be a good thing. Anyone who can't see this is sadly mislead, and I am not afraid to say that. I for one have been encouraging my party and it's membership in this regard for two years or more. Theres no place to change the system but from within. And that ladies and gentleman is grassroots democracy. And I should add, unlike some parties out there, the PC's are not a cult, they don't demand sheep like behaviour and blind devotion to a party leader. We are allowed to voice and discuss our opinions and have different ones from that of our party. How else would policy ever change?

For me, being a member of the PC party is about supporting a party that has acheieved amazing things here in this province, things that other (lesser) spend happy governments (I grew up in BC and have family on the prairies so I have seen first hand the damage done by years of NDP/SC govts) could not have obtained because of there non-fiscal awarenesses, regardless of how rich the province was. Note how all the other parties in this election promised to spend (and in some -liberal- cases overspend) the surpluses/heritage fund as soon as possible. They were pissing themselves thinking of getting a hold on that money. It disgusts me. Albertans deserve better than that.

My husband and I are allowed to be on separate sides of any issue (although any one who knows us would know better than to imply that) and I support him whole heartedly (as he does me) in any endeavour he should choose to embark on, even if we are on/at polar opposites. My husband has a strong work ethic which enabled him to do the very best work possible (which also included travelling all over Alberta) while still maintaining a separate personal life (and fighting a serious bought of pneumonia as well). Kudos to him. While I was away campaigning he was also a single parent of two children and managed, for 6 weeks, every matter of our household and the social lives and commitments of three people. He should probably get a medal because I know there are not too many other people out there who could preform so well given those circumstances, "Curious" included.

As for the students of "CAUS" being "appalled" that an employee's wife might have a differring opinion to that of the movement I think that they, being all intelligent and well educated individuals, deserve more credit than that. I don't think I have to point out that they are aware that it is none of their business because they are already mature enough to know that. The democratic process that we all know and love neccessarily has room for ALL PEOPLE to make an impact if they should desire (or dare) to try. You also forget to take into account that several members of CAUS themselves are PC Supporters in their personal lives, and the rest have politic alliances that lay elsewhere on the spectrum, yet still they manage to serve student's interests.

While campaigning in Calgary at the University I didn't hide anything from the members there and was very visually involved as being PC candidate specific when we met. They didn't seem appalled to me. They were actually much more professional than you seem willing to recognize or able to be yourself. The student movement is finally alive and well in this province. This isn't "You're either with us, or against us." It's Albertans coming together in order to influence priorities and policy for another four years. They are going to be the best four years Albertans have ever known.

And while "Curious" sits on the sidelines snivelling about how no one likes the NDP, both my husband and I are going to be hip deep in making a difference, because this province (and issues like PSE and other student related concerns) are worth it. Lead, follow, or get the fuck out of the way.

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