Friday, December 17, 2004


Duncan ran an awesome campaign during the provincial election - a campaign that made Post Secondary Education an election priority among Alberta voters for the first time ever. And not just in those ridings where there is a PSE institution, but province-wide. Everywhere. I am very proud of him, and I know that everything he has done for the past five years has been geared towards achieving this goal. He was very excited and pleased with the success and results of his campaign. So imagine his excitement when we read this headline on the bus to work this morning:

Amazing. If he had said at his interview seven months ago that these were the results they could expect by the end of the year, no one would have believed him. This is very pie in the sky for a lobby movement, but so far, unless we wake up and find out we were dreaming, this is everything CAUS has wanted, and maybe even a little bit more. This next little while is going to be a very exciting time for Duncan.

Merry Christmas Students, and Peace, Order and Good Government for all.

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