Tuesday, June 08, 2004

It really was an awesome Play Off run

I didn't really know what to post but I couldn't pass up sharing what I found on Rea's Blog:

Jon: Can we go to bed now?
Rea: I'm waiting for Allie to post...
Jon: She's probably crying.

I bet she's not alone!

Hmmmm. Yes, I did cry. Duncan held on to me in our shared anguish as I watched in somewhat numb disbelief the Stanley Cup get handed to Tampa Bay. There are too many emotions to really do it complete justice right now - but I am proud of the Flames, it doesn't get much better or closer than that. Now for next year!

You can also visit Rea's Tribute to my "fame & feminism" in her "Allie is a C-Cup Winner" post.

Hmmm Rea... does the C stand for Calgary? Cause really, it should be a D for Duncan!

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