Friday, June 25, 2004

Another Meme: Where was I when...?

Ronald Reagan Died

Calgary, Alberta. Duncan, Quynn and I had just arrived at the hotel for the now infamous Game Six of the Stanley Cup Finals. We had read on the internet before we left the White House Statement that he wasn't in good health. I remember thinking if the White House is issuing a statement like that, it's probally game over already.

September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks

Canmore, Alberta. Dawn, Wesley, Raven and I were helping a friend clean up her house in Canmore so she could sell it. The kids and I sat down to watch it... we speculated on the consequences and possibilties. I spent many long minutes on the phone with Duncan who was at work in Calgary at the time, and I also spoke on the phone with some people in a New York Call Center who were at work (in tall buildings) and didn't know what had happened yet, or how much had happened. The cracks in my world were immediatley and undeniably visible, and I knew everything had changed.

Princess Diana Died

Calgary, Alberta. The day the music died. I didn't have a TV at the time, so I watched the live coverage late that night with my neighbour Thomas Wharton (yes, the famous Tom Wharton). I knew she was dead before anyone reported it, just knew it in my heart. I phoned my sister in England that night, who was still asleep, and I remember her first words were "Oh my god, they killed her."

OJ was Acquitted

Nanaimo, British Columbia. Not guilty my Ass. That trial was a mockery and I refused to watch it on TV.

Curt Kobain died

Nanaimo, British Columbia. I was at work with my young son at the Army Base. I was not entertained.

The Persian Gulf War

Nanaimo, British Columbia. I was at work at the Nanaimo Battle School. I had predicted this was coming and was watching events unfold closely. When I was called to say that my office had recieved a "Secret" memo (which had to be guarded, in a locked safe) I knew shit was going to fly.

Gretzky traded to the Kings

Nanaimo, British Columbia. The King is Dead. Long live the King. It was the beginning of the end, as I saw it. I was 16, and my heart broke. I was angry for years at Gretzky and Sather; perhaps I still would be if maturity hadn't mellowed the edge.

The Challenger Exploded

Nanaimo, British Columbia. A budding astronaut wanna be, I was at school, in Grade 8 Science Class. The teacher said the Space Shuttle had just exploded and everyone was dead. I thought it was a joke, but then they got a TV in the classroom and we watched it as it happened, live. I was devastated, really my first experience of mourning shared by the world. I named all of my gerbils after the seven Astronauts.

Reagan was Shot

Nanaimo, British Columbia. I was only 8 years old, Reagan was really the first President I cared about. I remember watching it on the news with my Dad. This is my first real recollection of a news story that had any impact on me - I was totally fascinated. I had just watched all the election excitement while they elected a president, I had no real concept they might shoot him! "Bang, bang, bang, bang." That's what I remember. My first shooting (I think).

Lennon was shot

Nanaimo, British Columbia. Nothing to kill or die for... I was pretty young, and his death would have a greater impact on me in later years.

Mt St Helens Exploded

Nanaimo, British Columbia. I was outside playing in the front yard when I heard a huge explosion far off in the distance (which I thought must be more of the construction that had been going on). The next thing I knew, the earth moved so violently that I was thrown forward to the ground. The earthquake didn't last long, but the "big" boys who lived next door ran from their tent in their underwear screaming "Mommy" even though I was there to see it. I remember at school during the next week huge flakes of ash falling from a clear sky, like snow...

Munich Olympic Hostage Crisis

Burnaby, British Columbia. I was barely born, but I do have a memory (seen at some point of time in my early childhood I imagine) of the helicopter exploding. Welcome to my world.

Paul Henderson's Goal

Vancouver, British Columbia. I was present in the room at the time that the game was played, even if I was too young to realize how much of an impact hockey would have on my life. Maybe that moment helped define my absolute love of Hockey.

Hat tip: Jon and Rea in Calgary.

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