Saturday, March 13, 2004

"Where is my husband?"

Tragedy, pain, fear, courage and pride all mixed together was what I felt this morning reading the Globe and Mail, safe in my comfortable home, drinking my morning coffee that my lovely partner, the love of my life had made me. The cover story touched me.

In Madrid and other places across Spain yesterday, over 1.5 million people took to the streets in a strong defiance to protest the sensless deaths of 200 of their countrymen killed in the terrorist bombing last Thursday.

The day after this huge tragedy, in the midst of their grief and anger, I admire and find myself inspired by the spirit of these people. Carrying signs that said "Murderers" and chanting "We were all on that train" their caring and solidarity has awakened within me something I don't think we often feel here in the North Americas. My humanity, as far as it goes that I share the same worries, fears, joys and fate of every other human on this earth. A sense of family, brotherhood, sisterhood. A sort of defiant security within the insecurity of this world that we share.

"We" really were all on that train. But do we know where we are going?

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