Wednesday, March 10, 2004

I sometimes don't know how I do it.

Life gets interesting when you walk those grey areas of "off the record" - "on the record." Especially when the situation involves a criminal investigation that, by virtue of my journalistic integrity, I don't want to compromise in any way. (Yet so many juicy details...)

Since the stabbing yesterday I have been a busy beaver. I have just finished writing articles for two newspapers. This has entailed that I spend large amounts of my time today (and yesterday) interviewing all sorts of people, listening to many rumors and gruesome stories, following blood splatter trails, and conversing with people who enjoy exciting careers in investigation and forensics. As well, I worked both days, and somehow last night found the time to watch Schindler's List with Duncan. Afterwards we talked until 230am. Who needs sleep?

Tonight, upon arriving home, we discovered that we had a message detailing emergent plans to dine with Murray and Quynn, asap. Not being one to ever turn down the Minister (or Quynn for that matter) I quickly changed out of work clothes, encouraged my children to bathe and dress appropriately, and tried to do some work on the stories before leaving. Dinner was great - both the company and the conversation was pleasurable, and well worth the harrassing I endured from my editor after I got home to finish the story.

In my spare time I also managed to acquire a second job with the university, which begins Friday (tomorrow I am attending a Public Relations and Affairs Workshop). Its part time, but pays as much as my fulltime job did, and maybe a bit more. I may or may not continue working two part time jobs. We shall see.

Right now I am a little tired, as all the action winds down. But suddenly the world seems, well, oddly, quiet and stress free.

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