Saturday, September 27, 2003

When did the Trees turn Yellow?

It's a Mellow Yellow...

Yesterday I mostly stayed inside except for going out to the concert, and by then it was dark... So imagine my surprise upon venturing out today at seeing the trees almost completely and uniformely yellow. "When did the trees turn yellow?" I managed, surprised. The answer, from Quynn was "yesterday." Duncan confirmed - on his way home yesterday from work the entire river valley had turned yellow, where it had still been green that morning. Well, atleast fall is a pretty season

We went bike riding today!

T3 was ok, not terrible, but there were some issues with it. Mostly I can see T4 from here... and I don't know how I feel about that. Regardless, I enjoyed it, and we talked about the movie over Hooters wings for a good hour or so before table talk turned to Politics (as it always does).

I miss my kids, who will be home tomorrow, but it has been a great weekend so far! We rock, life is good!

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