Tuesday, September 23, 2003

FOR SALE: Iraq (It's a fixer-upper)

Now, there's privatisation, and then there's privatisation...

Philip Thornton and Andrew Gumbel wrote an interesting article today for the UK's Independant News. Entitled "America puts Iraq up for sale" the article highlights some alarming new policy in the Middle East country of Iraq.

(comments added in brackets are mine)

"... the American-appointed administration announced it was opening up all sectors of the economy to foreign investors in a desperate attempt to deliver much-needed reconstruction... (and) the Iraqi Governing Council announced sweeping reforms to allow total foreign ownership without the need for prior approval."

"... the biggest reconstruction contracts have been allocated to American firms such as Bechtel (George Schultz, Former Secretary of State, is now Senior Councillor of Bechtel) and Halliburton (formerly headed by now Vice President Dick Cheney), which (CLEARLY) have ties to the Bush administration. They were selected behind closed doors, with no opportunity for competitors to present bids." (and thats not even considereing the involvement of companies like the Carlyle Group - which former President GHW Bush currently works with, or the New American Century Project, or other war profiteers to be found in the numerous oil companies and weapon producers).

So, Iraq, the 51st state of America? Are there any buyers?

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