Tuesday, November 09, 2010

What is the Poppy Fund?

We wear our red poppies for two weeks each year and we do it as a sign of respect, as an act of remembrance and as a way of saying thank you to people who gave (and give) of themselves to safeguard our way of life here in Canada. But not everyone knows what their donation given for that poppy does or how important it is.

Money donated for poppies goes to the Poppy Fund, raising the funding necessary for the Legion to operate the Service Bureau, which act as advocates for veterans, ex-service people and their dependants seeking compensation from the government for service incurred disabilities. In addition, approximatly one million dollars (money collected as a result of the annual Poppy Campaign) is also used for direct assistance for ex-service people and their dependants in financial distress - examples include payments for food, accommodation, utilities, clothing, educational assistance, furniture, medical, dental and optical services and hospital comforts.

However, beneficiaries of the Poppy Fund are not limited to veterans and ex-servicemen. It is also used to support charities and helps provide aging or disabled people with medical assistance and equipment, meals on wheels, transportation, shelter, clothing and disaster relief as required. The Legion helps non-members and members alike, wherever the need arises.

So when you're pinning on your poppy today you can reflect upon how one little flower can have so much meaning for so many people - and how your contribution is helping Canadians every day of the year - and not just on November 11th.

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