Monday, November 08, 2010

The National War Memorial

The National War Memorial is found in Confederation Square in Ottawa, close to the Parliament Buildings. The memorial consists of an arch of granite that stands 21 metres high and is surmounted by emblematic bronze figures of Peace and Freedom. Shown advancing through the archway are 22 bronze figures symbolic of the "Great Response" of the hundreds of thousands of Canadians who answered the call to serve. Represented by these figures are all branches of the service engaged in the war and also includes the men and women of the support services (nursing sisters, a stretcher bearer and a lumberman with his cant hook). 

There is also a kilted infantry soldier (in the right front position just to the left of the sailor - he is carrying the barrel of a Vickers Machine Gun over his left shoulder). There were 28 Scottish regiments in the war, eight of them in the fighting brigades. One Highland Battalion, the 16th (Canadian Scottish Regiment), won four Victoria Crosses, including one awarded to a young Piper Richardson who died at the Somme, in France, in 1916.

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