Friday, December 16, 2005

In the Right Place at the Right Time

"I prayed that someone would catch him
and save his life."

- Tracinda Foxe

I'll admit it, I really don't believe in coincidence; I believe that our paths go towards opportunities that we either choose to seize or pass by and that those opportunities shape our collective futures and provide reasons for us being here.

So begins the amazing story of Tracinda Foxe and her baby Eric, who were trapped in their burning third floor apartment by bars across their windows. Trying to stay away from the flames and smoke, Tracinda was holding Eric out of the window so that he could breathe - but as the fire raged their situation became more dire.

As Tracinda couldn't see if their was anyone on the ground waiting to catch her son she had held on to him until she could no longer chance it - and then with a prayer (and what I imagine was a whole lot of faith), she threw Eric from the burning apartment to the ground below.

Luckily, Felix Vazquez (a baseball catcher and former lifeguard) was there and was able to run and catch Eric as well as give him mouth to mouth to start him breathing again. Firefighters were soon able to break down the door to rescue Tracinda, and everyone is recovering nicely (and Tracinda has asked Felix to be Eric's godfather).

The right person in the right place at exactly the right time. If that's not destiny, I don't know what is, but I'm happy with believing it is. Eric's family says "the rescue is the only holiday gift they'll need, and they couldn't ask for more." Amen to that.

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Blueberry Pick'n said...

What an amazing story.

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