Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Halo Two

So Mr. Harper wants to revive the Airborne. A "new" 650 member strong battalion which, in his words, would have "parachute training capability."

My first thought: There's a valid reason why the Airborne was disbanded. It's not like we just ran out of people or someone forgot to fund it. The Airborne was a national and international disgrace; being disbanded was a punishment and an apology to the rest of the world. There should be careful consideration into it's "revival" and the implications thereof.

Second thought: I hope Mr Harper knows that "Airborne" units are actually jump ready, and that his "new" unit would have more than just the capacity to train with a parachute!


Anonymous said...

But of course he does not because he smacks of a sports freak with no sense of reality. Lower GST? Why?! Lower the personal income tax for those just above to far below the poverty line while raising it for those who can afford to hand out big ass cheques as Christmas gifts to their children and grandchildren and *then* we can talk about my vote possibly being placed for the CPC, Mr. Head-Stuffed-Up-My-Ass-With-No-Reason-To-Care-About-The-Poor-Harper.


Allie said...

He does seem to be a little out of touch with what it means to be an average Canadian at times...