Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Catching up...

We went to Lethbridge and it was very pretty - Duncan had some business to do but we also had a chance to see some of the sites and visit with our friends that moved down there last July. It was an enjoyable weekend, despite the very long drive from Edmonton to Lethbridge.

Things in Lethbridge are looooong. Here are some examples:

Coulees are long ravine like valleys like run along river beds.

The longest train bridge is in Lethbridge.

The university of Lethbridge has the longest hallway.

More Pictures HERE

We also decorated and put up the Christmas Tree!

With the christmas season already upon us we are trying to give the world our best impression of being ready! Ready or not, our first Christmas party is tonight.


Tyler Brekko said...

"Things in Lethbridge are looooong"

If I was an elite hacker that'd so be appearing on the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce site.

Allie said...

You mean you're not an elite hacker? :-)

tyler brekko said...

I wish! My grades sure would be higher if I was... he.he.he. At least that's what every hacker movie in the 80's taught me (that and I can create a woman by wearing a bra on my head).

Anonymous said...

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