Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Send up the Bat Signal!

"It's not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me."
- Bruce Wayne (Batman)

Today my friend Carol and I caught a bat while on our coffee break. The poor little guy was caught in the elevated link between the buildings, frantically trying to find a way out. I knew I couldn't just leave him there... a little bit of determination, diligence and maybe even some climbing up walls and I was finally able to catch him. It felt good to release him outside, good to be able to help.

It's interesting that this little fellow came into my life today. My contract at work ends this Friday and even though everyone keeps asking me where I will go next I haven't been thinking about it as much as maybe I should. Native teachings tell us that when bat appears in your life its message may be to examine your situation carefully to find bounty you may be overlooking, or to remind you to take a moment to get your bearings before going on. When Bat appears it is asking you to surrender yourself to the process of change; opportunities unknown to the conscious mind are about to manifest.

Change is good. Bounty is good.

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iBrett said...

Geesh! You're pretty brave. I don't think I would hang around an area where there is a bat - nevermind catching one. I didn't even know there were bats in Edmonton; I need to start staying up later. :)