Saturday, August 27, 2005

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Boy

One of my fav pics of a long ago time

A year ago today was my brother's memorial service in BC. A whole 19 Days after he was killed. Believe it or not that's how long it took to get the neccessary permissions and arrangements in place to bury him. Way too long if you ask me - and almost hell for my poor Mother, who had buried my Father only 2 months before. It surprises me still, looking back at it, just how much harder a bureaucracy can make certain things, things that should be as easy for people to handle as it possibly can be.

I started something this year; I met with the Mayor about School Zones in Edmonton and he promised to take it to the Council, which he did. They debate it even now, and sometimes I can't believe the stupidity I hear bantered around about it (like school zones provide a false sense of security for kids). I've been thinking I have to get back into it, partly because if you start something you should see it through to the finish... but mostly because of this and this.

I might not be able to do anything about bureaucracy, but I can affect change in my world. Indeed, the time we spend here is so short that the only way the world really knows I have been here is by what I have changed within it.


Senator Catalyst said...

It's a beautiful picture Allie.

Allie said...

Thanks. :-)

It was of a much simpler time... but a time I hold close to my heart.