Friday, August 19, 2005

The "get-along" gang says "Zionists are our rightful target"

Modern Zionism is concerned with the support and development of the state of Israel, so technically every country in the world that supports Israel's right to exist is considered by most extremists to be Zionist, and thereby fair target.

Promising an attack soon in the Israeli city of Tal Al-Rabih (Tel Aviv), al Qaeda's "Martyr Abdallah Azzam Brigades" (cf Sinai 2004) have claimed responsibilty for three Katyusha rockets fired today at two american ships in harbour at Jordan. The rockets reportedly were fired from a warehouse rented only a few days ago "by four people of Iraqi and Egyptian descent." So while they were noticing the ethnicity of the new tenants, did they happen to miss the wheeling in of a rocket launching device and several rockets? Just how easy are these things to miss?

As easy apparently, as two ruddy great ships (the 40,500 ton USS Kearsarge is 844 feet long and the 16,000 ton USS Ashland is 609 feet long) sitting in the harbour mere feet away, but that was ultimately for the better.

Anyway, getting back to these rockets... Originally a Soviet construct from days gone by, the Katyusha rocket has repeatedly been modernized and not surprisingly, given their size, most newer versions are mounted on some manner of vehicle, including trucks, tanks and tractors.


Although I understand that individual Katyusha's can be launched from a pipe using just a car battery, (now thats a handy feature!) these things aren't exactly small. And you'd think that harbour security might be a little tighter with american ships in port. But I digress...

When I first started studying the oft forbidden topics of religion and politics, a Prof of mine said "If we don't learn to live with each other religiously we will blow each other up." At that time I had yet to realize exactly how right he was. Religion and politics share the same creative power and destructive force, and it always seems to be in the wrong hands. Matter of fact through the years it has not been lost on me the apparent determination to actualize the prophecies of Armageddon in the middle east, almost like it is some form of birthright.

God - save us from your followers. The meek are ready for their turn.

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Jon said...

My first 'asshole' reaction was "Doesn't everyone and their dog over there have a rocket launcher"? You see pictures of kids running around with AK47s, so a shoulder mounted rocket launcher really isn't that far of a reach.

However, taking into account the large size and amount of wash those rockets produce, they are not something you can slip in a duffle bag.

I am amazed the people didn't kill themselves trying to launch them.

Do they have any guidence systems or are they just fire and forget?