Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Allie's latest cause - Traffic Safety and School Zones in Edmonton

My regular readers will recognize that it was specific events of this past year that made Traffic Safety the newest cause I have been working on. When I discovered that there were no school speed zones in Edmonton I decided right then and there to take it to the Mayor, because out of the little and big things wrong in our city, surely keeping kids safe and raising awareness of speed issues past schools was worth bringing up.

Remember I met April 9th with Mayor Mandel? We had a nice Saturday morning meeting to discuss the lack of school zones in Edmonton and issues related to that. He agreed with me, said he was going to make it a priority, said he would get back to me on his progress, thanked me and sent me on my way with some delicious baked goods. I felt good about the meeting, but remained humbly reserved given the nature of politics and rhetoric.

Duncan just called me a couple of minutes ago to point me to this news brief on 630 CHED

School Zones May Make a Come Back
Apr, 27 2005 - 8:19 AM

EDMONTON/630 CHED - We haven't seen school zones in Edmonton since the '70s.
They were done away with because the thinking at the time was specific marked crosswalks would do a better job.

But now the city is realizing, they're going to great expense puting in lighting mechanisms, yet our safety rate is about the same as any other city.

The city will talk to the two school boards, and police to see if the school zone question needs another look.

They'll report back in September.

It's nice to see this in motion. I feel it's the least I could do, as much for my brother as for my kids.

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