Thursday, April 28, 2005

Allie to Tories: I Don't Want An Election!

Compromise. That is the natural essence of a minority government. It should be self evident that a minority government needs to communicate and work with the other parties to ensure that there will be enough votes for legislation (or budgets) to pass.

AND... This compromise is exactly what Canadians voted for!

The proposed changes to the budget mean more money for the social programs most Canadians want and are happy to see added. Canadians DO want tax cuts for small businesses, lower tuition fees, investment in the environment, a plan for Kyoto, and a commitment to affordable housing.

I am almost entirely sure that Canadians DON’T want an election.

The more Stephen Harper complains the more it seems to me inappropriate conduct for someone who is trying to convince me that he's Prime Minister material. Harper’s continual threats to bring down the government at his first possible chance aggravate me like fingernails on a chalk board. I find his attitude to be more than a little arrogant - Canadian voters did have a recent chance to make him PM and yet we didn’t. I am beginning to doubt there’s significant reason or interest to launch him into power now.

Our government should demonstrate its ability to work together and make this Parliament work before we are forced into dealing with another one. An election might be necessary sooner than most of us would want but it is certainly not necessary "at the earliest possible opportunity."

When Harper does succeed in winning a non confidence vote he will effectively begin his campaign looking like the champion of corporate tax breaks and enemy of the ordinary Canadian (who would have benefited from the budget additions).

How many Canadians will want to vote for that?

Polls show the Conservatives with only a narrow lead over the Liberals. I suspect, if forced to election too soon, the Canadian vote will register its protest. As a voter, and ordinary Canadian myself, I would simply like to see the government govern. Get on with it, all of you.


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