Monday, December 27, 2010

The Gift of Time!

You may recall my "Dear Santa" post in November where I lamented not having any specific or material "wants" to put on a Christmas wish list for my family. Instead I asked for the gift of time with them, in any shape or form they desired. Well this Christmas morning I received just that - and I couldn't be happier with my gifts! Wonderfully creative and full of opportunity to spend time with each other, each one makes my wish come true. I am blessed!

Duncan gave me a series of gift cards to venues/events and a written note outlining what he likes to share with me at each place and why.

Raven gave me a movie she had seen at school once and really wanted to share with me.

Wesley gave me the Pacific - we are going to start watching together in January.


DL3 said...

DavidA said...

Why are you on the Blogging Tories? You never discuss conservatism or even politics.

Allie said...

You're right, I haven't for a long time... been pretty upset with partisan politics and a tad bit bewildered by the approach of some people to that problem... unless you count my opinions on crime etc. To be honest I haven't blogged much here in a long time.

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