Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Was Here

I remember once when I used to take the bus I was coming home from work on a particularly full bus - people were crammed so close together but everyone was ignoring everyone else. I remember looking at my patch of window, staring out at the traffic (also crammed together) and feeling strangely ... alone. I wanted to reach out and write in the condensation on the window I WAS HERE.

When I was a kid, to be a smartass, I liked to write "Kilroy was here" on various surfaces. But years later I realize the commonalities. I do want to leave my mark on the world... and some might suggest that I have, or that I will, but really in 1000 years (or more) what will I mean to anyone?

Kilroy (and Allie) was here.


Anonymous said...

Well you do what you can. Raise your family, help out in your community, donate blood, give to charity. You never know when one small action of yours can have a huge impact on someone's life.

Allie said...

Absolutely true. And maybe even all that ever matters. There is a Jewish proverb - "Save one life, save the world."