Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy Family Day Alberta

We saw Bridge to Terabithia today. The story of Terabithia is one of my favourite childhood experiences, one I shared with each of my children as soon as they were able to read. We really enjoyed it on the big screen, they did a good job with it.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Making Sweet, Sweet Love

My guy has been carefully painting his Warhammer 40K Army (Sisters of Battle) for almost two months now. This involves their careful construction, precise priming and then the creation via painting of each tiny character - with a considerable amount of fussing I might add. Then when they are dried I am made to admire each one, first paying homage to the newly painted ones and then all the ones that came before her. It has become my favourite part of his newest hobby, this love making... but sometimes Duncan does enough for the both of us!

An Immolator, assembled and primed

Still fondling it...

Pretty soon he'll need a room!

Happy Blogiversary!

Summer's Daydreams is 4 years old today!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Edmonton Science Centre

The Alberta Legislature Buildings
Built entirely out of Lego!

Today we hung out at the Edmonton Science Centre, which the kids found very amusing. We partook in Imax's Hurricane on the Bayou and I must admit, seeing Hurricane Katrina on the Imax screen was slightly frightening. I learned that it is the Bayou and surrounding wetlands that usually protect inland cities like New Orleans from hurricanes (the storms lose force as they travel over land) but that Louisiana's wetlands have been disappearing at the rate of a football field sized swath every 35 minutes - and along with it a natural barrier of defence.

It was also the opening day for the lego exhibit "Secrets of the Pharaohs." The Pyramid was still under construction and we were able to spend some time building the pieces and adding them the the pryamid, which will eventually be four feet high.

I was a big fan of the giftshop - the kids got science kits, Duncan got a stuffed alligator and I got Tim Flannery's book The Weather Makers. So far my book is good - giving my brain even more to think about.

Friday, February 16, 2007

The Winds of Change...

If I hear one more person exclaim in a really loudly obnoxious voice "Whomever believes in global warming obviously can't see how cold it is here right now" I think someone might get slapped. Is the basic science of weather so beyond them that they honestly don't understand how it works?

Here's a quick and dirty lesson (my apologies for its simplicity):

  1. Ocean currents affect climate and weather.

  2. The surface waters of the oceans store heat.

  3. As the ocean temperature rises, it heats the air next to it and well, hot air rises. When this happens, air from else where flows in to fill the gap - in this particular case the cold arctic air usually referred to as the "jet stream."
Thus winters that are cold and snowy in Canada are caused, paradoxically, by warming surface water in the North Pacific.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Keep on Blogging in the Free World

He makes me smile with my heart.

I am looking forward to this long weekend and Family Day. This past week has been somewhat difficult to juggle with the flu deciding to visit each one of us separately and in different ways, but I think now that it has finally gone on it's way life will return to its normal bliss. It's hard to believe that February is almost over, two months in this new year almost done. I need to refocus a bit so I don't start missing things. Perhaps then I can find my blogging groove again as well; I'm really missing that.

In other news is up.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Sweet Valentine...

A friend greeted me today over msn: "Hello friend who has reason to celebrate."

Yes, I do think that about says it all!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Alright, Enough Snow Already!

Anymore snow and the dog's going over the fence!

Right now the weather channel says our temperature "feels like" -29°C, which is the same as saying "OMG it's cold." It's been like this for over a month now, which is too long in my books. At least the weather is supposed to return to "normal temperatures" next week - although thats been said before...

I think it might be time to book a trip to the Motherland, where it's about 10°C, for relief (wonder if I can apply for refugee status while there?).