Friday, February 16, 2007

The Winds of Change...

If I hear one more person exclaim in a really loudly obnoxious voice "Whomever believes in global warming obviously can't see how cold it is here right now" I think someone might get slapped. Is the basic science of weather so beyond them that they honestly don't understand how it works?

Here's a quick and dirty lesson (my apologies for its simplicity):

  1. Ocean currents affect climate and weather.

  2. The surface waters of the oceans store heat.

  3. As the ocean temperature rises, it heats the air next to it and well, hot air rises. When this happens, air from else where flows in to fill the gap - in this particular case the cold arctic air usually referred to as the "jet stream."
Thus winters that are cold and snowy in Canada are caused, paradoxically, by warming surface water in the North Pacific.

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