Saturday, February 17, 2007

Edmonton Science Centre

The Alberta Legislature Buildings
Built entirely out of Lego!

Today we hung out at the Edmonton Science Centre, which the kids found very amusing. We partook in Imax's Hurricane on the Bayou and I must admit, seeing Hurricane Katrina on the Imax screen was slightly frightening. I learned that it is the Bayou and surrounding wetlands that usually protect inland cities like New Orleans from hurricanes (the storms lose force as they travel over land) but that Louisiana's wetlands have been disappearing at the rate of a football field sized swath every 35 minutes - and along with it a natural barrier of defence.

It was also the opening day for the lego exhibit "Secrets of the Pharaohs." The Pyramid was still under construction and we were able to spend some time building the pieces and adding them the the pryamid, which will eventually be four feet high.

I was a big fan of the giftshop - the kids got science kits, Duncan got a stuffed alligator and I got Tim Flannery's book The Weather Makers. So far my book is good - giving my brain even more to think about.

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