Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happy Canada Day!

Alberta in DC!

We're celebrating Canada Day in Washington, DC at the Canadian Embassy. The Embassy found itself transformed into a big Calgary Stampede style pancake breakfast, and sometimes it was hard to tell you weren't actually in Calgary! Tones of fun, here are some pictures:

With Mounties at the Embassy

Nice Horsey

With Ambassador Michael Wilson

That's dedication

Minister Mar made my breakfast, Stampede Style!

Supporting our troops!

Murray and Barb

On the steps of the Supreme Court


Beatrice said...

I'm glad that the two of you are having so much fun in Washington! (And you're right; some of the pics look like Alberta. :))

iBrett said...

Nice pictures, Allie. I, along with Beatrice, look forward to both seeing more photos and hearing about your trip to the US capital.

Allie said...

We are having a lot of fun! :-)

You can watch for more pictures as I add them here:

BR said...

Awesome pics! Looks like you guys had as much fun on your trip as I did on mine!

Allie said...

We have all been travelling fools as of late, have we not?

I really enjoyed you photoblogging your vacation. I would have liked to have done the same thing but the internet connection I had was so slow for uploading pictures I even had to give up on the daily upload to flickr. Who needs to spend their vacation waiting at a computer? :-)