Sunday, June 04, 2006

Practical Reality is a Rural P.O.V.

So I'm talking with my best friend (on Vancouver Island) this evening when the conversation turns from her horse Levi to her 2 month old laying chickens, of whom she is very proud. She got them at Easter time and has been patiently tending to them - they won't be old enough to lay eggs until September.

This "matter of fact" part of the conversation made me laugh:

  • Dawn: "You should see my new chicken's - they're growing very nicely!"

  • Allie: "Are you worried about Bird Flu at all?"

  • Dawn: "No..."

  • Allie: "What are you going to do when Bird Flu makes it to Canada?"

  • Dawn: "Chop off all their heads."

  • Allie: "Oh..."

1 comment:

Jon said...

A chicken is a pet you can eat.