Wednesday, June 21, 2006

From the House of Commons

"That is exactly what the last party did for 13 years, and not only did it get an F, it got kicked out of class."
- Rona Ambrose (on making a better environmental plan for Canada than the Liberal's)


Duncan said...

A great quote!

Allie said...

I thought so!

Anonymous said...

Partisan shots by either side aren't going to do much to clean up our environment. As with any issue, only once this is directly impacting voters lives will politicians be put in place that have a serious plan to confront the problem. It will be interesting to see the political turmoil that melting ice caps, flooding coastal cities, and plus sixty degrees celcius winters will bring (should that come to pass).

Allie said...

I listened to Rona on Rutherford the other day talking about both the environment AND the new plan that is going to be put into place. I must say it was a breathe of fresh air - and a relirf - to finally hear that asomeone in government 1> cares, 2> knows what she is talking about, and three has an extensive plan that will be put into place regardless of what the Liberal party thinks. Finally.

As a Canadian now I am starting to see exactly how much damage we allowed the liberal party to do - and how easy it is to actually do something. I see this new government working very hard to change things, carry out campaign promises and take the bull by the horn and well, govern. Who'd have thunk it?

Allie said...

Oh yeah, and I was going to say is it a partisan shot when it's true, or is it then clever?

Canadians do want real change - thats why the Liberals were "kicked out of class." I think now though we are starting to see just how much is needing to be changed.

Go Accountability Act!

Anonymous said...

I'm neither pro-Liberal or pro-Tory (original Anon poster on this topic). I don't really agree with you that Rona "has a plan" though. In fact, it seems that our new federal government has absolutely no plan when it comes to climate change... and maybe doing nothing was their plan all along (in which case you are right, campaign promises fulfilled). I didn't love the Liberal plan, not much good was going to come of it, but at least programs like the EnerGuide one were a productive start. I somehow stumbled across a "One Tonne Challenge" leaflet that actually got me thinking and acting better on a personal level. Maybe those are two tiny drops in the bucket, but better two drops than none at all. So I'll end my own rant and ask you this Allie... what is Rona's plan? You say you're all for it, you say it's great, but please let me know what it actually is?