Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The wisdom of the ages

My life is an adventure and through all the terrific (and terrible) moments during all the years of my life, I’m proud of the person I am – and excited about whom I am becoming. I am a work in progress, evolving, ever thinking, chasing my dreams, and in many ways I hope to always be that way.

I perceive myself both growing up and being a grown up, but time is seductively illusive, and everything still seems like yesterday, or even just the day before, and I still have all the time in the world ahead of me. With a suitable inventory of experience behind me I recognize that my reality is altered significantly, sometimes even without my noticing, by the influence of each event upon my life. Memories of gentle touches and happy times are as important to who I am as my battle scars and bruises, and I welcome their impact on my love affair with life. Allow me to introduce you to the Milestones that have shaped and changed me:

My brother’s birth
My Grandfather’s death
Learning to read
Skipping a grade
Getting my period
My first date
High School
Getting my Drivers license
Losing my virginity
Joining the army (first full time job)
Learning to kill
Moving out on my own
Moving (to a new province)
Being published for the first time
Discovering my sexual self
Divorce, after ten years
Single Motherhood
Turning 30
Moving (to another major city)
Death of my father
Second Marriage
Death of my brother
Turning 33

OK, maybe that last ones a bit of a stretch, I don’t actually feel any different turning 33. Duncan says it is a milestone, a third of 99, and he’s right, of course, each year deserves a celebration. I approach my thirty third year with eager anticipation, excitement and none of the anxiety I had when I turned 30. My journey is full of delightful escapades and I can’t wait! And for the first time in my life I feel as if I am a grown up – finally, honestly – with a calm confidence that comes from knowing conclusively what is actually essential in life. I will start my 33rd year with the ability to face everything with a sense of wonder true to the nature of courage, an understanding of reality that comes from the veracity of evils, unabashed pride in my family and our accomplishments - and my amazing partner who fills my days (heart/soul/mind) with love, he is truly a treasure that makes life worth living.

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