Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Last minute hopefuls

I just read this on Blogs for Terri (but haven't yet found another source):

The Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush, just completed a press conference with Tampa Bay media. He says that the Department of Children and Families, through Adult Protective Services are conducting an investigation of abuse against Terri Schiavo. As part of that, a neurologist by the name of Dr. Cheshire, observed Terri, lengthy videos of her and her case record. He has concluded that she is not in a persistent vegetative state. Rather, he felt she was minimally conscious if not functioning higher.

There is apparently a 3:45PM hearing today on this matter. More as it develops...

What if you were Terri? Posted by Hello

UPDATE 1: The story is being carried by the Miami Herald (subscription).

"State officials said they might attempt to place the brain-damaged woman under protective custody so her feeding tube can be reinserted. As a possible precursor of that event, they filed a new motion in state court in Tampa... Lt. Gov. Toni Jennings and the director of the state social services agency confirmed they were considering an intervention in the controversial and increasingly tangled case - based on calls alleging that Schiavo is being abused in her hospice... Lucy Hadi, secretary of the Department of Children and Families, said the state investigation into potential abuse is ongoing and the state is required by law to file a petition to bring Schiavo into state care if an emergency exists. The state does not have to wait for a court to act, she said."

UPDATE 2: Judge Greer Denies DCF Petition - the Department of Children and Families asked for access to Terri Schiavo's sealed medical records to begin a protective investigation. Greer also issued an emergency restraining order to block the DCF from Terri and to prevent Schiavo from being removed from her hospice.

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