Saturday, January 01, 2005

Wading through the after shocks of tragedy

Pain and tragedy comes in all shapes and sizes for us humans, that is the way of life. But I have come to learn that it is in the aftermath of tragedy that we find our truest strengths; that it brings out the best in us as we strive to survive, help, cope, start again, to perservere. It is that aspect that is so integral to our humanity. It is what sets us apart.

With 150,000 people suspected dead from the Earthquake and Tsunami, and many more millions of people hurt and needing help, with perhaps even the worst still yet to come, Canadians are recognizing the need to pull together. The Canadian Government has just announced that (in addition to it's aid package) it will match, dollar for dollar, all Canadian contributions to a list of approved NGO's. They are as follows:

Also, Telus is contributing a cent from every long distance call made between Dec 31 to midnight on Jan 3, (with several million calls expected), so do your part - call home, call your friends, take the opportunity to let someone know you are thinking of them.
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