Monday, January 31, 2005

Don't let life slip by

"He spends his whole life being too young
to live the life that's in his dreams
and then he lies awake and he wonders
why can't that be me?

... cause in his life he's filled
with all these good intentions
he's left a lot of things
he'd rather not mention right now
just before he says good night he looks up
with a little smile at me and he says

If I could be like that,
I would give anything,
Just to live one day in those shoes,
If I could live like that,
What would I do, what would I do?

- Three Doors Down

Hearing these lyrics made me think of my brother... he certainly spent his short life in some sort of catch up mode, never quite getting it together, never quite getting what he wanted, never quite staying out of trouble, never quite shaking that "too young for the life he wanted" dilemma. Always seeming to think that in the future everything would work out. Always in the future. But sometimes the future is too late.


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