Saturday, August 28, 2004

Welcome Luna

Allow us to introduce our newest family member, our new puppy,


Luna (latin for Moon) was born on March 21 of this year in Thailand. She is a Blue Heeler cross with black and white markings (the Queensland Blue Heeler is a Border Collie/Dingo Worrigal hybrid). Luna came to Canada sometime in July of this year, and found her way to us through Dawn, who brought Luna down to us after the funeral on the 27th - the night of the full moon.

I wanted her to have a name that was unique and reflected her connection with the Island. Luna's name is derived from/after the (now famous) Killer Whale Luna, who has adopted a small First Nations community near Gold River, Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

The Mowachaht-Muchalaht believe Luna to be the reincarnation of Chief Ambrose Maquinna, who before his death declared that his spirit would return to his people as Kakaawin (a Killer Whale). Three days after he died, Luna appeared, stayed and has lived there for over three years. His traditional name is Tsuux-iit.


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