Monday, August 09, 2004

How is it that a life can be reduced to this?

It's weird when you spend your time reading about other people's misfortunes in the news to suddenly be faced with seeing your own with such candidacy. For everyone looking at this story, that's just a body of someone they didn't know, someone who tried to help, who tried to do what was right as they saw fit, someone they are easily distanced from, or worse yet, even just another headline. It's odd to try to see this from that point of view.

For me, that's my brother under that blanket. His name is Chris Perkins and he turned 30 in July. That's the last image I will ever see of him. Sometimes Life really bites you in the ass. This has been a really bad year for that.

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Chiken-hawk said...

Reading Allie's story made me feel for her. I was a police officer last december and my last day on the job was a fatal road accident. At the time, my thoughts were about the dead person, what their thoughts may have been etc. Every day in the paper we see headlines about others misfortune and very rarely do we experience such things ourselves.
I think Allie's post is one of the most positive ones I have seen in that it reminds us that when we read about a death, there is a family out there that feels that death. In my life, I have buried both of my parents and had my youngest child die in my arms. Life can be painful but I think I am a stronger person for all that I have been through and I hope Allie may find some consolation in that. Mawguwerr