Sunday, October 26, 2008


I have uploaded the pictures of our Halifax trip in August of this year. You can see them by clicking here: Nova Scotia 2008.


AtlanticJim said...

Born, raised and lived here for all but three years. I really need to get to the places you did ;) Well other than the Lower Deck!

My only point? The sailor in me can't help but correct that the word "The" is only used when the acronym "HMCS" is not. The Athabaskan or HMCS Athabaskan.......... Man some people are picky eh?

Really though, great pictures. Next time you need to get east of HRM. Gotta put the plug in as a good Caper!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures. Looks like you both had a lot of fun. Nova Scotia is a wonderful place for two people in love. Brings back memories!