Sunday, December 09, 2007

Like I'd Never Seen the Sky Before

Today is a special anniversary for Duncan and I, especially given our shared proclivity to the magic of the number seven...

This day marks 7 years since the day our destinies merged together and we found new meaning in life, together. It wasn't the easiest of beginnings - for anyone who has ever fallen in love with their best friend can attest to the confusion and problems this might create - but after a while it became apparent that neither of us could imagine a life or a world where we would not be together, come what may.

Since then the time has flown by, even too quickly perhaps (7 years already!!!). My days start snuggled into the man who doesn't want to let me go even though the day beckons him. When we are together we are hand in hand and full of smiles, debating some political issue or just enjoying what is going on around us. When we are apart my heart longs just enough for him to know I am missing him, and to rejoice when we are reunited again. We are always wanting to share something about our day with each other (which is what msn, text messages, faceboook, and email are for!), and we end our days much the same way we start them - falling asleep in each others arms. Life with Duncan is a gift I get to live every day, and in return I want to give him everything.

Happy 7 Years Duncan; I will love you until my dying day - and forever more.

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Duncan said...

I will love you too - to my last breath and beyond.