Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Just showing off a little...


Chris LaBossiere said...


I came across the Yahoo new story was interested as my daughter and I were in Arlington in October. When I saw your name, and new I had seen it before, I found your Blog. Then I realized you were on Dave's campaign team. Congrats on getting quoted, it certainly proves that it's a small World. I was also helping Dave, and sit on the Association board executive.

Fellow Edmontonian, Party member and blogger.

Chris LaBossiere

Allie said...

Hi Chris!

Yes indeed, it is a small world. It seems I learn that every single day now (my half sister in England was just able to find me through the internet after years of not being able to keep in touch)!

I hope you enjoyed Arlington - we ere there on July 4th, which was a real treat. Doing the interview with Yahoo News was fun too - I hope you enjoyed it as well.