Monday, October 16, 2006

The Scandal of Camera Injustice

This morning I sat at the major intersection of Edmonton's 170th Street and 87th Avenue, watching with some surprise as both red light camera's flashed repeatedly at traffic flowing normally on a green light.

As most people consider they have no options to fight a ticket they recieve in the mail (traffic offences are absolute liability offences - unless you can prove your car was being used without your permission) this really is quite scandulous. Red Light Camera's and Photo Radar bring in millions of dollars every year.

So, a few Edmonton drivers are about to get a notice with a picture and a fine that they will have no choice but to pay - and they'll likely be pretty sure they actually didn't do anything wrong.

Wonder how long this has been happening?


Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

This happens every once and a while. Usually the flash is going off and the camera is not. Typically they put out an apology over this twice a year, and assure us nobody got an inappropriate ticket.

Allie said...

And we believe them? That interesting. I don't know how they would know who got a ticket and who didn't... or that all of their "captures" are valid ones.


Roger said...

You won't get a ticket. Before the pic is sent to the offendor, they check to see if it is a green light in the picture. If you do get it you can actually just go to the JP to get er fixed sometimes.

And then you get the letter!